one of the world’s most liveable cities

old melbourne streetsMelbourne has consistently been voted among the world’s most liveable cities. Tourism, education and employment opportunities are drawcards to this popular city. With greater job opportunities compared to some other Australian cities, many people are relocating to Melbourne and need somewhere to live. House prices in Australia are steadily climbing, with the average house price in Melbourne around the $600k mark. This makes it difficult for the average income earner to own their own home. With its café culture and ample leisure facilities, it is the perfect place to enjoy a work and life balance. However, if you are spending all your time working to pay off your mortgage, you may never get there. So, how can you afford to live near this vibrant city and enjoy all that it has to offer? A tiny house may be the way to go.


Tiny Houses – the latest trend in housing

Tiny houses gained widespread attention when they were used to house people who had been left homeless after Hurricane Katrina. They have since attracted interest from people looking for a more affordable way to own a home. The tiny house movement has increased considerably in the U.S. with people looking for a better alternative to a lifetime of mortgage debt. Tiny houses are now attracting interest from Australian homebuyers and these custom home builders in Melbourne are regarded as the best.


Could a tiny house be for you?

Tiny houses are not for everyone, particularly people who like a lot of space in their home and who own a lot of “stuff”. However, for those who are ready to embrace a simpler, cheaper way to live, this trend could be the ideal solution. Imagine living in a home that you can relocate whenever you need to, and that offers the ability to live debt-free, with ridiculously low utility bills. The average cost of building a Tiny House is $30k, so if you can find a piece of land just out of town, you have quite an inexpensive accommodation option. Or you could even park it on a friends’ piece of land and pay them rent. If you do happen to feel a bit claustrophobic in your Tiny House, you have a fabulous climate in Australia to enjoy the great outdoors anytime you like.

Custom home builders who specialise in Tiny Houses will work with you to tailor your home to suit your needs and taste. Tiny houses can be made from a variety of materials and even recycled materials. You can even use your D.I.Y skills and work together with your builder to build your own tiny house. For instance, this Melbourne residential architects website has some great examples of houses you can look at.